Traits Of A Disciple

What's a disciple and what does it look like?

The word "disciple" literally means someone who pledges to be a learner. It is someone who follows another persons teaching, and adheres to it. A disciple of Christ will follow his teachings and he will:

✔  Develop a close relationship with him
✔  Have a Biblical perspective to daily living
✔  Be teachable, responsive, humble, and obedient
✔  Have a personal purpose and calling, a ministry to be involved in
✔  Have meaningful relationships with others in the church

In short, here’s a good working definition: A disciple is someone called to walk with Christ, equipped to live like Christ, and sent to work for Christ. Calling, equipping, and sending.

Mark 1:17 Jesus called out to them, "Come, follow Me, and I will show you how to fish for people!"

Jesus invitation wasn't an invitation to become worshipers, tithe givers or workers. He didn't invite these guys to become nice, care about others, he didn't ask them to be lovers of the Bible, or church goers rather he only invited them to be his students. We must be careful that we don't get a check list mentality and stick with the basic definition of a disciple as being a student that is learning about Jesus teachings and applying what God has revealed to him.

Below is a study for Christ disciples to help them become more like him:

The Disciple Making Lifestyle
Jesus lived to make disciples.

Follow Me
Disciples of Jesus must be followers of Jesus

Disciples Of Jesus Are Called To Give
Giving helps me to preach the gospel without using words.

Jesus Disciples Are Servants
Just like their Savior

Jesus Wants His Disciples To Be Loving
Most people are under-loved, so we need to get to work.

Jesus Disciples Are Called To Forgive
Live to forgive and you will change your world

A Disciple Has Purpose In Living
Jesus gives us a rich and satisfying life.

A Disciple Of Jesus Should Sound Like One
Wagging the tongue is dangerous work.

Jesus Wants His Disciples To Be Fishing
Full-time fisher man, not seasonal or sport fishing.

Jesus Disciples Are Not Working Alone
No one is more committed to the mission of the church than the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Disciples Are Teachers
Without teachers we are one generation away from extinction.

Jesus Disciples Should Be Baptized
He is our example.

Kingdom Of Heaven
God's people should be kingdom minded people.

Fit For Service
Live out God's will, no matter what you have to leave behind.

Sell Your Possessions
How much stuff do you really need?

Take Up Your Cross
A sacrifice to be real must cost, must hurt, must empty ourselves -Mother Teresa

Jesus Authority Empowers His Disciples
Exercise Your Authority To Change The World

Worship As A Lifestyle
God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.

Jesus Disciples Should Be Travel Agents
Am I Moving People Toward Real Change?

Jesus Disciples Have Rewards In Heaven
Do the right thing even if it hurts.

Jesus Disciples Will Be Persecuted
Virtue is persecuted by the wicked more than it is loved by the good.

Jesus Disciples Should Be Peace Makers
Peace maker not prize fighter

Jesus Disciples Should Be Pure
You can't get close to God without it.

Jesus Disciples Get Mercy
God expects his followers to be known for giving mercy.

Jesus Disciples Should Be Satisfied
What we hunger and thirst for will determine if we are satisfied or not.

Jesus Disciples Should Be Righteous
What are you working for?

Jesus Disciples Should Be Meek
Jesus disciples have their strength under control

Jesus Disciples Will Be Comforted
God asks his disciples to be hopeful in times of loss so that they can comfort others.

Poor In Spirit
I need to realize that I have nothing to offer God

One of the characteristics of a disciple is the fact that he is blessed.

Feed My Sheep
Start caring about someone.

Deny Yourself
Jesus call us to say no to ourselves so we can say yes to him.

Follow Me
God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called. 

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