Friday, March 05, 2010

Top Ten Songs Of The Lukewarm Christian

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have in my hands a copy of today's top ten list."

"Today's list is the top ten songs of the lukewarm church."

1. Blest Be The Tie That Doesn't Cramp My Style
2. Pillow of Ages, Fluffed for Me
3. I Surrender Some
4. I'm Fairly Certain That My Redeemer Lives
5. Sit Up, Sit Up For Jesus
6. What An Acquaintance We Have In Jesus
7. Where He Leads Me, I Will Consider Following
8. He's Quite a Bit To Me
9. Oh, How I Like Jesus
10. It Is My Secret What God Can Do

Let's be fired up this Sunday when we sing. Our Savior was passionate for us and we need to be equally as passionate for him.

Taken from "Way of the Master"

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