Journey To Bethlehem

Travel to the place where the new born king is going to be born.

Come and see for yourself why this birthday is unlike any other. Take a trip, starting with the prophets and moving all the way to the people that were there at Jesus birth. Make time in these busy days for the journey, slow down and experience the wonder, spend some time in God's word each day so that you will not miss the real celebration this Christmas.

His Birth Foretold
Is Jesus a “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” to you?

Peace And Justice
Our righteous judge is coming soon.

The Suffering Savior
Jesus knew that he would suffer and yet he came to our world.

His Birthplace Foretold
Prophecy helped to validate who Jesus is.

Our King Is Coming
It's time to rejoice.

At The Right Time
Jesus always was, but at the right time he left heaven for me.

Conceived By The Holy Spirit
God uses simple people to do the incredible
Announced By The Angel
Obedience can be frightening.

With Great Rejoicing
The greatest gift has been offered to us.

Our Savior Is Born!
God's timing is perfect

Good News!
Our Savior brings peace to everybody.

The Shepherds Find Him
The lamb of God uses shepherds... that makes sense.

Wise Men Seek Him
Many wise men have come and gone but very few have found the answers they were looking for.

Wise Men Worship Him
Will your Christmas celebration include time for worshiping our Savior?

The Light Of The World
God stepped into the dark world that we live in and made us an offer.