Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tennessee Mission Trip Day 2 - Tuesday

See the web album here.

On Tuesday we had 11 kids come to the park for VBS. The nice calm group that we had on Monday was transformed by a set of triplets that were competing for attention. The nice polite baseball game that we had the day before was turned into chaos. Somebody almost got sent home.

The Noah's ark story has been done a few times by other groups before us and the kids were ready to let us know the details of the story that they already knew, or they thought that they knew, with a little bit of fiction from the movie "Evan Almighty"thrown in. Steffenie did a good job teaching them and trying to correct their versions of the story.

The home repair team did some work on a home replacing part of a ceiling and hanging a screen door.

After lunch the team that did VBS started bagging food for the food distribution program and I actually got to go with a staff member to deliver food at two apartments that had disabled men living there. We gave the food to two men that were in rough shape and we prayed for them after a short visit and said goodbye. The staff person that we were with said that she used to have someone make the delivery that would have time to stay and visit but she didn't have anybody to do it lately. Reminds me of the white fields that Jesus said are ready for harvest and nobody is there to do the work.

After the work with the food we stepped over to the clothes closet and organized and put shoes away.

It was a full day but everybody is doing well. Thanks for your prayers!