Monday, June 08, 2009

Tennessee Mission Trip Day 1 - Monday

See the web album here.

All nine of us arrived safely on Sunday. We started Vacation Bible School today, yesterday we passed out fliers for an hour so really this isn't day one, we had seven kids today.

I taught the creation story today for seven kids and we did a craft project, coloring pictures and played a little softball. I am sure that the number of kids will grow tomorrow as the word spreads.

After lunch we went to see a covered bridge before going to a nursing home to visit.

Marian fell in love with a sweet lady that wouldn't let go of her hand. Most of the time that we were there I played Uno Attack with the staff and residents, what a blast that was and I won a couple of hands.

James, Tommy and Steve fixed a floor that broke through when the community center received food shipments with a pallet jack.