Sunday, August 09, 2015

We Are One

We are one, we are all for one, all for Jesus, for the glory of the one true God.

The City Harmonic - We Are One

Ash to ash, dust to dust we live and die. 
But in the Son, in the Son we are alive. 
All for one, all for one from every tongue and tribe in Jesus crucified 
'cause Jesus is alive now, once and for all time.

We are one we are all for one,
all for Jesus Jesus, once for all. 
To the glory of the one true God 

King of kings, Lord of lords Till kingdom come. 
And in the end, in the end God all in all. 
He will be everything, everything to everyone, 
when death is finally done and victory is won, 
once and for all of us. 

We won't be moved, we're standing tall. 
Once of the dust, now of the Son. 
All life and death and what's to come belong to Christ, 
and Christ to God. 

So here we stand, hands lifted high. 
The very hands and feet of Christ. 
No holding back, no wasting time. 
We live for love