Monday, May 11, 2015

I Found You

I have found hope, love and strength to rise above.

"I Found You" - Anthony Evans

You never know what could open up your eyes
Sometimes the truth comes in disguise
So close what you need most
Is hard for you to see
Unexpected but if you let it
Itʼs everything you need

I found hope I found love
I found strength to rise above
A beautiful a fire that burned though
Everything I thought I knew
When I found you

Beauty rises from the dust
Heartache can teach us how to love
In the dark night a trace of light
Shines so easily
When you broke though like a bright blue sky
You changed the way I sing

Anytime my heart gives into doubt
Iʼll remember when
Iʼll remember how I Found You

Doubt is one of the leading causes of blindness, we can easily forget the truth that God has already revealed and proven to us, that's right where Satan wants us to be. My pastor Ken Whitten says: "Never doubt in the dark what God has showed you in the light."

This song is a reminder to me to celebrate the fact that I have hope, I have love and I have the strength to rise above my circumstances. If I look around in my dark places I can find Jesus right there with me.

Thank you Lord for giving me hope and love that this world desperately needs.