Monday, November 24, 2008

Do You Know Who Is In Control?


Genesis 41:1-57

“It is beyond my power to do this,” Joseph replied. “But God can tell you what it means and set you at ease.”


If you have any doubt about who is in control let’s just get it clear right now.

God is in control, he knows the future he has a plan and everything on earth must come into alignment with his plans. I cannot understand it but somehow God works out his will through us even though he has given us free will.

God gave Egypt a world class leader in Joseph and then he used him to save his people. Pharaoh had no idea he was being used by God for God’s purpose, he was just doing what seemed smart in the circumstances.

Later in history God would raise up Babylon and give Nebuchadnezzar enormous power to bring Israel back to him. It was predicted by God’s prophets that Babylon would rise to power for God’s purpose. Nebuchadnezzar would set himself up as God but he was still being used by the one true God.

Later God would use the Persians for his purpose to rebuild Jerusalem and restore his people. Why is Obama my president? Because God put him there, even though the media thinks that they put him there (Romans 13:1). Will God use Obama for his purpose? You bet he will, even though Obama may not live any better morally than the king of Babylon. Even though he has his own agenda, God's agenda will come first.


I will submit to the authority that God has placed over me and I will remember the responsibility that he has given me to a good leader.


God, it is awesome to know that you are in control. No matter who is in office or who is "in charge" I know who is really in charge.