Sunday, December 06, 2015

The Forever Kingdom

God promises that a king greater than David will reign forever.

2 Samuel 7:8-17  "Now go and say to My servant David, 'This is what the LORD of Heaven's Armies has declared: I took you from tending sheep in the pasture and selected you to be the leader of My people Israel.  9  I have been with you wherever you have gone, and I have destroyed all your enemies before your eyes.

Now I will make your name as famous as anyone who has ever lived on the earth!  10  And I will provide a homeland for My people Israel, planting them in a secure place where they will never be disturbed. Evil nations won't oppress them as they've done in the past,  11  starting from the time I appointed judges to rule My people Israel. And I will give you rest from all your enemies. "

'Furthermore, the LORD declares that He will make a house for you--a dynasty of kings!  12  For when you die and are buried with your ancestors, I will raise up one of your descendants, your own offspring, and I will make his kingdom strong.  13  He is the one who will build a house--a temple--for My name. And I will secure his royal throne forever.

14  I will be his father, and He will be My son. If He sins, I will correct and discipline him with the rod, like any father would do.  15  But My favor will not be taken from him as I took it from Saul, whom I removed from your sight.  16  Your house and your kingdom will continue before Me for all time, and your throne will be secure forever.'"

17  So Nathan went back to David and told him everything the LORD had said in this vision.

When God's people were in Egypt he made a lot of promises to them that were accomplished by the time of today's scripture. God used Moses to lead his people out of Egypt and successfully take them across the desert, he used Joshua to help take most of the promised land and now he has brought peace to the land through David.

God brought David up from nothing, he was from a small town, he was the least of his brothers and he was always out in the field with the smelly sheep, God took this small boy that nobody valued out of the field and blessed him as king and conquerer.

King David loved God and was thankful for the beautiful palace that he had but it didn't seem respectful to God that his palace was so much nicer than the old tent that had represented God's presence as they moved across the dessert. David wasn't living in a tent anymore and it didn't make sense to him that God's house was not a magnificent palace.

Nathan gave his consent, surely God would appreciate David's good intentions, but as he soon found out he was wrong. Many times man's good ideas are nothing compared to the best that God has in store for us. God told Nathan that what seemed wise to him wasn't really a word from the Lord. God could have sent another prophet to correct Nathan or he could have spoke directly to David but God allowed Nathan to correct himself so that the prophets honor was preserved.

God promised David an everlasting kingdom, a personal Father-son relationship that would include parental discipline, and that he would never turn his back on David as he had done with Saul. (2 Samuel 7:13-15)

Temples come and temples go but God was building a new house that cannot be destroyed. David's intention was to build a house for God but that building was only temporary. God was building a new house that will last forever.
Jesus Is King
Luke 1:31-33  You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you will name Him Jesus. He will be very great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give Him the throne of His ancestor David. And He will reign over Israel forever; His Kingdom will never end!"
Just as God used a little shepherd boy that was out in the field he also used a very young lady from nowhere special and without any social status to be a part of his eternal plan. The promise that God made to David was about to take a step forward with the birth of Jesus.

In Jesus we have an eternal king, no other ruler has ever reigned forever, this is the first king that will defeat every revolt against him. Since the king will rule forever we know that we will have a secure place to live for eternity. (Isaiah 9:7, Daniel 7:14)

In Jesus we have a new temple, the place where God and man can meet, the place where God's wrath is satisfied through the perfect sacrifice. Jesus is the corner stone that was rejected by man but God is using him to build a new temple.
Ephesians 2:20-22  Together, we are His house, built on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets. And the cornerstone is Christ Jesus Himself. We are carefully joined together in Him, becoming a holy temple for the Lord. Through Him you Gentiles are also being made part of this dwelling where God lives by His Spirit.
In Jesus I am the new temple in which God dwells. The temple is no longer a physical building like the old Jewish temple. God lives in me so I need to keep this temple purified and just as sacred as the physical temple was back when it was originally built.
The forever kingdom needs to start now, it needs to be allowed to happen everyday in my own life. I need to acknowledge him as king and allow him to rule.