Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where Do Your Blessings Come From

Difficult times can be the source of blessing.

Blessings - Laura Story 

We usually pray for the difficult times to go away, none of us like for anything to be tough, but what if those difficulties are the very thing that God is using to send blessings your way?

Don't feel bad if you have prayed for those difficulties to get lost, your in good company, even Jesus prayed for a better way. He didn't want the pain of the beatings and the cross and he prayed in so much agony over the hard times that he would endure, "let it pass" he said to God the Father.

Thankfully God didn't take Jesus away from the suffering, it is difficult to see a greater good coming out of the pain when we are in the midst of it, but just like it did in Jesus case to a lesser degree there is also good coming from the bad in our lives as well.  

We cry out to God to "let it pass" but so often he doesn't, isn't he interested in my well being? Yes he is, but sometimes the best for us is to go through the suffering and keep our eyes on God and what he wants us to learn in the difficult times.