Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Who Are You Trying To Please

We make some people smile when we come and we make some people smile when we leave.

1 Thessalonians 2:1-4  You yourselves know, dear brothers and sisters, that our visit to you was not a failure.  2  You know how badly we had been treated at Philippi just before we came to you and how much we suffered there.
Yet our God gave us the courage to declare His Good News to you boldly, in spite of great opposition.  3  So you can see we were not preaching with any deceit or impure motives or trickery.  4  For we speak as messengers approved by God to be entrusted with the Good News. Our purpose is to please God, not people. He alone examines the motives of our hearts.

Paul and his friends had just been run out of town at Philippi (Acts 16), leaving town was the only way to make them people smile, but down the road we see that the church at Thessalonica smiled to see them coming and welcomed them with great enthusiasm (1 Thessalonians 1:9).

What happened? Did the missionary team get together and decide that the message needed to be changed so they could be liked? No, Paul said that they preached the Good News with strength and courage from God

Paul said that they were the real deal, they didn't change the message because it made people unhappy in the last town we were in, they didn't sway from the truth of the gospel so that they could get more friends on Facebook. (Would it be Facescroll back then?)

Spiritual warfare didn't stop the spread of the good news of Jesus. As messengers approved by God, he is the one we are trying to please so there is no way that we should waiver from the truth, after all he is the one that examines our hearts and knows our true motivation for everything we do.

Everything that I do is for God's glory and if I never come out of the shadows and get any praise then that is just fine. My purpose is to please God, the message of the gospel or the technique that is used may offend some but I must continue to be obedient to him.

Help me to stay in your word everyday Lord so that I will be true to what you want me to do despite any opposition.