Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Our Savior Is Risen!

What a Savior we have! 

Revelation 1:5-8 and from Jesus Christ. He is the faithful witness to these things, the first to rise from the dead, and the ruler of all the kings of the world. All glory to Him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by shedding His blood for us.

6 He has made us a Kingdom of priests for God His Father. All glory and power to Him forever and ever! Amen. 7 Look! He comes with the clouds of heaven. And everyone will see Him--even those who pierced Him. And all the nations of the world will mourn for Him. Yes! Amen!

8 "I am the Alpha and the Omega--the beginning and the end," says the Lord God. "I am the One who is, who always was, and who is still to come--the Almighty One."

Revelation 1:12-18 When I turned to see who was speaking to me, I saw seven gold lampstands. 13 And standing in the middle of the lampstands was someone like the Son of Man. He was wearing a long robe with a gold sash across His chest. 14 His head and His hair were white like wool, as white as snow. And His eyes were like flames of fire. 15 His feet were like polished bronze refined in a furnace, and His voice thundered like mighty ocean waves. 16 He held seven stars in His right hand, and a sharp two-edged sword came from His mouth. And His face was like the sun in all its brilliance.

17 When I saw Him, I fell at His feet as if I were dead. But He laid His right hand on me and said, "Don't be afraid! I am the First and the Last. 18 I am the living One. I died, but look--I am alive forever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and the grave.

We have an awesome Savior:
  • He is the first to rise from the dead
  • He is the assurance that we will rise from the dead, we will be given new life. (1 Corinthians 15:20-23)
  • He is the ruler of all rulers, far above any other authority (Eph 1:20-22)
  • He has been given all power and glory forever and ever (Jude 1:25)
  • He is the beginning and the end (Isaiah 41:4, 44:6, 48:12)
  • He will be seen by everybody some day (Matt 24:30)
It will be so overwhelming the first time that we see Jesus, John was overcome and all he could do was fall down like a dead man, who knows what we will do when we first see Jesus face to face. He doesn't want us to be afraid of him (Luke 24:37-39), but it is difficult to imagine that we wouldn't be as we remember all the things that we could have done better, all the impure motives, all the opportunities that we missed.

Our Savior doesn't want us to be overwhelmed with the thought of all the wrong that we have done, the only reason that we would have for fear is if we were going to receive God's wrath, but there is no wrath for those of us that know the Savior. Surely we will not dread his appearing if we are saved. Who dreads the coming of one that comes to bestow favor on him, who would dread the jailor that comes to serve your pardon, who would dread a loving parent that offers healing ointment for our wounds?

My Savior is alive, he always has been through all the times past, and he will live forever. Beside being alive I know that he is coming again to get me as his child, the giver of life will return and give me life eternal.