Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rebellious Living Is Dangerous

It is a good thing that the children of Israel had Moses on their side

Numbers 16:1-3 One day Korah son of Izhar, a descendant of Kohath son of Levi, conspired with Dathan and Abiram, the sons of Eliab, and On son of Peleth, from the tribe of Reuben. 2 They incited a rebellion against Moses, along with 250 other leaders of the community, all prominent members of the assembly. 3 They united against Moses and Aaron and said, "You have gone too far! The whole community of Israel has been set apart by the LORD, and He is with all of us. What right do you have to act as though you are greater than the rest of the LORD's people?"

Numbers 16:13-14 Isn't it enough that you brought us out of Egypt, a land flowing with milk and honey, to kill us here in this wilderness, and that you now treat us like your subjects? 14 What's more, you haven't brought us into another land flowing with milk and honey. You haven't given us a new homeland with fields and vineyards. Are you trying to fool these men? We will not come."

Numbers 16:41-50 But the very next morning the whole community of Israel began muttering again against Moses and Aaron, saying, "You have killed the LORD's people!" 42 As the community gathered to protest against Moses and Aaron, they turned toward the Tabernacle and saw that the cloud had covered it, and the glorious presence of the LORD appeared. 43 Moses and Aaron came and stood in front of the Tabernacle, 44 and the LORD said to Moses, 45 "Get away from all these people so that I can instantly destroy them!"

This story sounds like some church business meetings that I have seen. It's the pastor against the deacons or the congregation against the pastor, God's people can sure be selfish.

The people failed to measure up to God's requirements, they get punished and then they cop an attitude, poor thing, God didn't give them everything that they want. They rebelled and didn't exercise faith to go against the odds and fight against the people of the Promised Land and now they are angry with God and Moses, the guy that God provided as their leader.

God didn't do what his people thought that he should do, even though the people didn't come through and let God be in charge, instead they chose to do things their own way. You know, the way that makes sense by human logic, the way that looks like we can control the variables and were we are pretty sure we can decide the outcome.

Problem is we cannot determine and control all the variables and be certain that we can provide the best outcome for ourselves. God is in control and he determines the course of our life, sometimes its not logical to do what God asks of us, it doesn't always make sense but following his will is the only way to receive his blessings.

I don't want to miss the best that God has for me because of my disobedience but if i am disobedient I will be much better off admitting it and accepting whatever consequence their is for my poor choices. It is better to accept God's punishment than to live in my rebellion and complain that he isn't treating me right.

Thank you Lord for your patience, I pray that I will trust you and be obedient even when your way doesn't seem logical to me, I want to follow you daily.