Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tennessee Mission Trip Day 4 - Thursday

See the web album here.

This was the last day of VBS and for some reason God allowed it to be a rainy day and only four kids showed up. We set up our tables and while we were waiting for the kids the rain came before they did.

Marian taught the lesson about the cross and told them that Jesus was the only way to get to God by using the bridge illustration. The four kids listened to the lesson and they bowed their heads when the "sinners prayer" but there wasn't any response, it was obvious that most of these kids had heard the message before and since there wasn't a harvest I guess we were applying a little more water for someone else to reap.

There wasn't as much time for interaction with the ones that came and we wished that we could see the ones that didn't brave the weather but we were obedient and it's in God's hands, he could have made it a clear day and gave us a better chance at a larger audience , but for today we were faithful in the little things.

That is all he asks us to do.