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The God Of New Beginnings
God offers a fresh start for his people that will never end.

One Man's Faith
Noah's faith affected his family but the rest of mankind missed the boat.

Caught Up
Death is not an issue for God's children... some of them won't even do it.

The Way Of Cain
There are only two kinds of people in this world and they rarely ever get along.

The Growing Sin Problem
We keep denying the source of and the solution to the sin problem.

Heaven On Earth
Seek his kingdom first.

The Problem Of Sin
There is vice in every virtuous thing that I do.

Nobody But Jesus
I'm just a nobody trying to tell everybody all about somebody.

Make Some Disciples
What can we do to make disciples today?

I Didn't Feel Called
Are you supposed to be somewhere else?

God's Not Done With You
He will finish the good work that he has started in you.

Did God Really Say
The conflict begins when we question God's love for us.

Satisfying Relationships
God's word reveals to us the importance of relationships.

Satisfying Rest
Do you suffer from the lack of a Sabbath?

In The Beginning
Our most important questions are answered in the Bible.

Excited About Jesus
Our desires can distract us from our greatest needs.

No Other Way
God makes the rules.

A Community Of Peculiar People
Your source of blessings and love for your enemy should seem strange.

The Waymaker
He never stops, he never stops working!

Jesus offers a simple invitation to learn more.

Quit Making The Bible About You
His name isn't mentioned in the Old Testament but it is all about Jesus.

Instructions From God
It is obnoxious to disregard the opportunity to know him better.

I Have Been Changed
Let me tell you all my friends about this joy I'm living in!


Worship The King
How will you respond to the newborn King?

Peace On Earth
Singing glory, glory let there be peace, let it start in me.

Best Savior Ever
What an amazing Savior we have!

Best Giver Ever
The best gift giver ever has a load of presents for his children.

Best Gift Ever
Because of God's best gift ever we should give our best gift.

Best Baby Ever
The Christmas story according to kids.

Don't Toss The Gift
We need to appreciate how valuable the gift is.

The Challenge Of The Eternal City
Heaven is my destination for eternity and it is my motivation for this life.

The Cause Of The Eternal City
How exciting does being with God for eternity sound to you?

The Comfort Of The Eternal City
There is no greater comfort than knowing that Heaven is in your future.

Election Results
God works in all things (even in bad government).

The Bible In My Life
We need Bible knowledge and application of what God has revealed to us.

Our Conqueror Will Rule
Satan defeated, unbelievers judged, God's kingdom come.

Our Conqueror Will Return
Jesus return is mentioned in the Bible more often than his first coming.

Victory In Jesus
Victory is on the way so don't get discouraged.

You Say
The only thing that matters now is everything You think of me.

Eat God's Word
You need to make it your own before you share it with others.

Make The Wise Choice
People without a Savior will beg to die instead of living for Him.

The King Is Coming
The only way to be a citizen of this kingdom is to be born into it.

Trouble Ahead
The day is coming when God will bring mans rebellion to an end.

God's Books
Believe the contents of the open book or be punished by the sealed book.

Worship The Redeemer
Sooner or later we are all going to do it.

There are crowns in my future instead of the punishment that I deserve.

Worship The Creator
We will not worship as we should before we get to Heaven.

I Have Been Rescued
There is good news for the captive, Good news for the shamed, He's our rescuer!

Back To The Garden
I was made to be royal but I was torn from the garden.

Your Will Be Done
How radical am I for God's will?

Jesus Children Are Overcomers
Trouble is going to happen but it isn't the end of my story.

The Worst Day Ever
Things will get much better for God's children.

The Advocate
Jesus is leaving but he isn't leaving us alone.

The Best News Ever
Because of Jesus I have an incredible hope.

My relationship with Jesus changes everything.

Don't Kid Yourself
I will never be good enough but I don't have to be.

Only One God
It's impossible to worship when you are so busy complaining.

Only One Lamb
A substitute lamb will take my punishment.

Destroy The Devil's Plan
Easter means the Devils plan is finished.

Jesus Calling
This is a call that you do not want to miss.

I Shall See Him Face To Face
O the joy when I shall wake within the presence of the King!

The Lord Of The Church
Jesus instructions on how to do church.

I Got Saved
I'm undone by the goodness of the Lord!

Talking About The Gospel
Stop sharing the gospel with the wrong people.

Stuff Happens When We Pray
We need to be praying with greater passion and power.

The Foolish Church
Living between hot and cold is repulsive to Jesus.

The Faithful Church
The faithful don't have to be strong.

The Feeble Church
Do your actions please God?


The Corrupted Church
The world doesn't need a tolerant and compromising church.

Simeon: A Song Of Hope
Jesus gives me hope for this life and for eternity.

Angels: A Song Of Peace
Is there really peace on earth? Can you have peace despite your circumstances?

Mary: A Song Of Trust
Trusting God when I lack understanding and I don't have all of the answers.

Thank God
Thank you Lord for supplying for my every need.

The Compromising Church
A difficult environment never justifies compromise.

The Suffering Church
Their suffering increased their riches in Jesus' eyes.

When Love Grows Cold
The church in Ephesus looked good on the outside.

Believe, Be Sure About It And Be Ready
John's advice is still important today.

Oh how sweet the sound, Oh how grace abounds, We will praise the Lord!

Say Amen
It's only by God's grace I'm standing here today.

The Living One
The "Living One" gave me life so that I can give it back to him.

Reacting To My Savior
Seeing the glorified Jesus will be overwhelming but I do not need to be afraid.

Seeing My Savior
The Jesus that was here on earth is not the Jesus that we will see someday.

The Alpha And The Omega Returns
We have no reason to doubt that Jesus is returning.

Celebrate The Day
I'll sing, I'll dance, my heart will overflow, from the day You saved my soul

How Satisfied Are You?
The pleasures of this world will never satisfy your desires.

I Am Loved Unconditionally
Praise God that I am his child and I am not defined by my mistakes.

Transformed to Serve
God has changed me and I can't go back to the way it used to be.

Risen Without A Doubt
The unexpected happened and there is plenty of evidence to prove it.

The Cross and Our Commitment
The cross should be life changing for all of us.

The Greatest Words Ever: It is Finished!
God has done it all for me without my help.

The Sweet Sound Of Heaven
Music is a small taste of heaven that we get to preview down here.

Where Does Your Strength Come From?
Does my strength come from the mountains? No, my strength comes from God!

The Evil Noise Of Hell
The calm, quiet words of Jesus stand out in the chaos.

Lift My Life Up
I lift my life, lift my life up, Have your way in me.

Trust And Obey
God supplies daily bread but he requires daily obedience.

Bible Study Is Essential
Reading the owners manual will help you get the best results.

Only One Life
Only what's done for Christ will last.

Pilate On Trial
Don't turn against Jesus and give in to the crowds.

How Great Thou Art
Then sings my soul, my savior God to thee, How great thou art!

Peter On Trial
Peter's denial happened because he wasn't ready for his trial by the fire.

God is in control so you know it will get better.

The Final Days of Jesus: Sunday
He is risen!

The Cup
Are you holding a sword in rebellion or are you submitting to the cup?

The Final Days of Jesus: Saturday
Sunday is just around the corner.

The Final Days of Jesus: Friday
Jesus is betrayed, arrested and crucified.

The Final Days of Jesus: Thursday
The day of the Last Supper.

The Sword
We need to use the correct weapon and use it correctly.

The Final Days of Jesus: Wednesday
The fourth day of Holy week.

The Final Days of Jesus: Tuesday
Jesus teaches and he predicts the future.

The Final Days of Jesus: Holy Monday
The last Monday prior to Easter.

The Final Days of Jesus: Palm Sunday
The triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

The Kiss
The extreme hypocrisy and deceit of Judas kiss.

The Garden
The first garden is a story of disobedience but Gethsemane is all about obedience.

Be Glorified
The ultimate purpose for everything is to reveal God's glory.

Trusting God Beyond Reason
God doesn't need my help to figure out how to take care of my needs.

I Got Saved
The chains of the past are broken at last, I got saved!

Big, Big Love
The love of Jesus is too great to fully understand.

Go Where?
Are we willing to go where he says go despite the circumstances?

Doing God's Will
God receives glory when his children step out in faith.

What A Glorious Day!
You called my name and I ran out of that grave!

Great Turn Arounds
These guys needed to be saved from politics, philosophy and religion.

It Is Well
The sky, not the grave is our goal!

Overcome The World
Our Savior has overcome and he promises that we will too.

A Bad Day
The worst day in history is the source of our greatest joy.

Love Broke Thru
When love broke thru you found me in the darkness.

My Closest Companion
The Holy Spirit is a powerful friend that the believer is privileged to have.

Doing The Stuff
It's time to get busy working for Jesus.


Simeon: A Song Of Hope
Jesus gives me hope for this life and for eternity.

Our Lullaby
Peace on earth has finally arrived.

One Solitary Life
If Jesus life changed the world then maybe you should learn more about him.

Angels: A Song Of Peace
Is there really peace on earth? Can you have peace despite your circumstances?

Mary: A Song Of Trust
Trusting God when I lack understanding and I don't have all of the answers.

Light Of The World
The world waits for a miracle, oh come, oh come Emanuel.

He Shall Reign Forevermore
Unto us a child is born, the King of kings and Lord of lords.

God With Us: Why Did He Come?
What did God accomplish in sending his Son to die?

God With Us: This Changes Everything
We are so familiar with "God with us" that we don't really consider what that means.

Christ Is Born!
Lord most holy we worship and adore you!

A Heart Of Thanks: Joyfully Praises God
Shout for joy when you remember God's love and faithfulness.

A Heart Of Thanks: Has Peace
Peace comes to those who think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

A Heart Of Thanks: Refuses To Forget
Most people are quick to forget where the blessings come from.

I Will Give Thanks
Absolutely everything we have to be thankful for comes from God.

I don't need to see everything just more of Jesus.

Jesus In The Old Testament
His name isn't mentioned until the New Testament but the Old Testament is all about Jesus.

Learning To Pray
Jesus gives us a blueprint for prayer.

I Am
Jesus claims to be everything that your heart is longing for.

God's Children Are Hated
Jesus prophesied that the world will hate his people.

Your Love Is Wild
Your mercy knows no measure and it crashes over me.

I Am A Slave
We like being God's friend but the truth is his friends are also his slaves.

The Abiding Life
Abiding with Jesus has a lot of benefits for now and eternity.

It Helps To Read The Owners Manual
Why don't we spend more time in God's word?

I Am Beautiful
Stop laughing, it's true!

Wonderful, Merciful Savior
You offer hope when our hearts have hopelessly lost our way.

Do You Really Know Jesus?
Church membership, small groups and even faith doesn't mean you really know Jesus.

I Am The Way, The Truth And The Life
Jesus answers important questions that have eternal consequences.

Faith Brings Peace And Joy
Faith in Jesus gives me peace with God and the greatest joy!

Don't let your heart be troubled when Jesus doesn't make sense to you.

I Don't Deserve You
I don't deserve your love but you give it to me anyway!

You Are Mine
I'm amazed that I am yours and you are mine!

Real Christ Followers
The imitations can be so close to the real thing that you might be surprised.

Where You Are
There's no one I love more than You!

Living A Lie
Judas wasted his life pretending to be a disciple.

Trust Me!
If I could just be as faithful as God is to his promises.

How Is Your Serve?
Jesus condescended the most because he loves us the most.

My Election Predictions
Some bold predictions about our future.

This broken world can get you down.

Life Or Death
Have you died to this world so that you can be fruitful?

Successful Living
The children of God have a bright future.

I Didn't Feel Called
Are you supposed to be somewhere else?

Pocketful Of Faith
Take this pocketful of faith, It is all I have today, I'm giving it all.

Following Jesus
Following keeps on happening one step at a time no matter what happens.

Dead Man Returns
A rotting corpse is alive again and yet you still do not believe?!?

The Space Between Grief And Hope
God wants us to face overwhelming trials with faith as we draw near to our hope in Jesus.

Hope And Glory
Jesus is the only one that can heal our land.

Right Question, Wrong Motives
Unbelief eliminates all of the evidence that Jesus is God.

I Am The Gate
There is only one way to get to the safe place of rest that God offers his sheep.

It Is Well
My soul can be at peace when everything in the world around me is falling apart.

I Am The Vine
God planted a new vine and he tends to it so it will be fruitful.

I Am The Resurrection
Jesus predicted the events surrounding his death to make it obvious that he is the promised Messiah.

He's Risen
Time to celebrate our risen Savior!

Sacrifice And Serve
At the Lord's Supper we are challenged to sacrifice and serve.

Thank You For All You've Done
Died! Arose! Saved! I Know, we are redeemed and loved!

Palm Sunday - Jerusalem Welcomes The King
Welcome Jesus as your Messiah and as your King.

Givers And Takers
The ultimate giver overcomes the takers.

Come Lord Jesus Come
Like a bride waiting for her groom we'll be a Church ready for You.

Be Ready
I am compelled to look like Him and live for Him until he returns.

Be Real
Be cautious because there are plenty of beliefs about Jesus that are not real.

Who Is Like Our God
Come let us remember what our King has done and let us remember his everlasting love.

Truth For Life
We can build our life now and our eternal future on something solid.

Productive And Useful
My greatest goal should be to become a productive and useful follower of Jesus.

Standing On The Promises
God's promises compel me to pursue living up to a higher standard.

Everything I Need
There is only one source of strength that I need to live for God.

Equality In The Body
We are all the same in the body of Christ. 

Jesus warns us to choose wisely in order to avoid disaster.

Hunger For The Eternal
Do you spend too much time on the stuff that won't last?

Break Every Chain
Despite all of our struggles overwhelming victory is ours through Jesus.


Noel! Come And See What God Has Done
This is the story of amazing love which brought us amazing grace.

Giving Your Best Gift
Since God gave his best gift to us we should give the best gift that we have to offer.

A Hallelujah Christmas
So in a manger filled with hay, God's only Son was born, oh Hallelujah!

God Sent His Son
Consider the evidence and you will see that it isn't hard to believe that God is with us.

The Forever Kingdom
God promises that a king greater than David will reign forever.

It's Christmas Time!
Can you say that with joy or with a groan?

Give Thanks To The Lord
God's chosen people should be grateful and tell everyone about his greatness.

I Am The Good Shepherd
Jesus provides outstanding protection for his sheep.

The Light Of The World In Action
The Light of the World has left us here to be the light of the world while he is gone.

You Have Work To Do
The days are short so work for your Savior while there is still time.

Who's Your Father?
My eternal security cannot be found in my ancestry, religion or in my good works.

Serving Your Master
You have to choose because you cannot be a slave with two masters.

Truly Free
I was born into slavery and I will be a slave until I die.

This Is My Story
Do you need God to change the direction of your story?

No Phony Believers Allowed
I am a "son" in God's family because of real faith in the "Son."

Don't Reject Jesus
Believe the truth about Jesus and count on him to save you from your sins.

Light Of The World
The Bible proves that Jesus is the light that we need.

Caught Needing Mercy
Only Jesus can satisfy God's demand for justice and our need for mercy.

We Are One
We are one, we are all for one, all for Jesus!

Humility In Ministry
The gospel doesn't need a bunch of hype.

Looking For A Better Country
God's people usually find themselves living in a culture that is hostile to their faith.

You have blown it plenty of times but the cross can make you flawless.

It's All About Him
God is great and he treats me way better than I deserve.

Life Is Hard So Come To Jesus
When life don't seem worth living and you need a helping hand.

Reactions To Jesus Offer
You have to decide what you will do with Jesus.

Desiring God's Word
I need to be willing to pursue God's word in order to gain understanding.

Responding To Jesus
How will you respond to the radical claims of Jesus?

Come To Jesus
Jesus is God and he is able to satisfy your thirsty soul better than anything else.

The Real Bread
Jesus came to satisfy our soul not our body.

Don't Have Much To Give? Good!
God uses inadequate people with inadequate resources.

Is Jesus The Lord?
The crowds try to make Jesus the servant.

How Deep The Father's Love
God still loves me as I stand with the scoffers.

Palm Sunday: Our Fickle Hearts
"Blessed is he" will soon become "crucify him!"

Who Is Jesus? Here Are Some Witnesses That Jesus Is God
The decision is your but don't neglect to look at the evidence that Jesus is God.

Who Is Jesus? Here Is Some Proof That Jesus Is God
The most important fact that you need to believe.

Mercy Versus Legalism
Mercy is more important than trying harder.

Awesome Outcomes
Does your faith have a positive effect on others?

Kingdom Work
Jesus focused on his fathers business.

Celebrate The Messiah
Is Jesus exciting to you?

Worship Done Right
If it isn't done right then maybe it isn't worship.

My Sin And My Savior
Recognizing my need and the one who fixes my need.

Living Water
Jesus will refresh better than anything else you may try.

Who Is The Greatest?
Jesus is more than an ordinary man.


Found: God's Will
Finding the direction and purpose that God has for your life.

Stop Following Me
Does your ministry glorify Jesus of yourself?

Anti Santy Ranty
Is your view of God similar to your view of Santa?

Emmanuel, God With Us
All that is within me cries for you alone be glorified.

Peace On Earth, Good Will To Men
Is there really any peace?

Perfect Gifts
You can't out give God.

It's Christmas Time!
Can you say that with joy or with a groan?

What Christmas Really Means
The world has a lot of ways to get Jesus out of the celebration.

God Gives Great Gifts
The surest way to receive nothing from God is to be satisfied with less.

Thank You For The Cross
Worthy Is The Lamb - Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

Thank God
Thank the Lord for his steadfast love.

The Burden Of Unbelief
Without Jesus you don't have any hope on judgement day.

The Blessing Of Believing
Jesus came from heaven so we could go there too.

The Rabbi And The Seeker
Don't be afraid to bring your questions to Jesus.

Jesus Perception Of Reality
Jesus didn't have any faith in their faith.

Jesus Power Of Resurrection
The empty tomb is the greatest proof of who Jesus is.

Jesus Passion For Reverence
Does your worship honor God?

Unbelieving Waterboys
The servants knew where the wine came from but they didn't believe.

Stairway To Heaven
Jesus gives us access to God

Come And See
Jesus invites us to come and check him out.

What Do You Want?
How would you answer Jesus question?

A Special Announcement
"Look! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!"

Who Do You Think You Are?
Keeping your perspective in ministry.

The Testimony That The Light Is Coming
John was sent to tell us to get ready.

He Is Greater
And greater is the One living inside of me than he who is living in the world.

Also Know As God
If he wasn't God on earth then why is the world still talking about him?

God's Children Defeat This Evil World
We have what it takes to be victorious.

Do Something
It's not enough to do nothing, it's time for us to do something.

God Is Love
If you love God then how can you not love your neighbor?

Is It The Truth?
True or false questions can be the trickiest to answer correctly.

God's Children Know How To Please Him
Pleasing God isn't a big mystery, we just need to do it.

God's Children Have Confidence In Christ
Our feelings will try to trick us.

God's Children Love Differently
The way that they love is proof that they are God's children.

God's Children Behave Differently
A sinful lifestyle isn't a good thing.

Destroying The Devil's Plans
Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil.

God's Friends
God's love is amazing, steady and unchanging.

God's Enemies
Whose side are you on?

Who Do You Love
If you really love God then you will love everybody.

Living As Jesus Did
Are you living life God's way or your way?

Stop Picking On Me
God is our refuge, our strength and salvation, a mighty fortress is the Lord Almighty!

Digging For Treasure
How much value do you put on God's Word?

Confession Is Good
Confession brings forgiveness, cleansing and eternal life.

God Is Light
It's a dark world, do you know where you are walking?

God With Us
Have you checked out this man named Jesus?

The Devil's Many Faces
Satan is the master of disguise.

Growing Big Faith - Pivotal Circumstances
God uses circumstances that seem to have no good purpose to grow our faith.

Growing Big Faith - Personal Ministry - Part 2
Personal ministry requires us to trust Jesus and get out of the boat. 

Growing Big Faith - Personal Ministry - Part 1
Personal ministry allows  us to experience God's power in our weakness.

Growing Big Faith - Private Disciplines
Private disciplines help us to be more like Christ.

Growing Big Faith - Providential Relationships
God uses people to help you grow big faith.

Growing Big Faith - Practical Teaching
Apply practical teaching to help you grow big faith.

Growing Big Faith
Five tools that God uses to grow our faith.

Judging Isn't Always Wrong 
We need to be careful who and how we judge.

The Man That Amazed Jesus
A lot of people were "amazed by Jesus" but this man amazed Jesus.

Only One Life
Only what's done for Christ will last.

Decision Making For A Better New Year
Making decisions with eternity in mind.


Spending Time With God
God's word should be really important to his children. 

Does the baby thrill you?

Jesus Is Alive
Noel, Noel, Jesus is alive! Emanuel, hope is here tonight!

More Evidence That God Sent His Son
Who was Jesus? Does it really matter? Consider the evidence for yourself.

Emmanuel - God With Us
All that is in me cries for you alone be glorified.

God Sent His Son
Consider the evidence and you will see that it isn't hard to believe.

Missing Christmas: Familiarity
Nazareth was too familiar with Jesus to think that he was special.

Peace On Earth, Good Will To Men
Is there really any peace?

Missing Christmas: Idolatry
The Romans had so many gods they didn't need Jesus. 

Missing Christmas: Religious
The shepherds story amazed everybody but nobody went to see Jesus.

Missing Christmas: Indifference
The religious leaders didn't care that the Messiah had arrive.

This Is Love
"This is Love / Come Thou Expected Jesus" from Paul Baloche & Kathryn Scott

Missing Christmas: Fear
Herod didn't want to give up his throne.

Missing Christmas: Preoccupied
The innkeeper was too busy for Christmas.

Talking To God About His Family
We need God to: "Give us," "forgive us," and "lead us."

Talking To God About God
Jesus gives us a blueprint for prayer.

Learning To Pray
Jesus gives us a blueprint for prayer. 

This broken world can get you down.

Be Fruitful And Multiply
Do these words apply to the New Testament church?

Extreme Missions
How extreme is your commitment to the great commission?

God's Armor
This is a serious battle so you better get your gear on.

Walk In Wisdom
Not all wisdom is created equal so be careful who's wisdom you follow.

Live In The Light
We need to be concerned about who we are making happy.

Out With The Old, In With The New
God's children shouldn't look like the rest of the world.

Perfecting The Saints
The body of  Christ cannot grow without some assistance.

Christian vs Christian
You shouldn't have to wear gloves to church.

The number one should be your favorite number.

Character Of The Worthy Walk
What does it look like to live a life that is worthy of the call?

Walk Worthy
Does my walk show the world that I appreciate God's blessing?

Love Beyond Understanding
If you have experienced this kind of love then you need to pass it on.  

Use The Force
We have power that we need to start using.  

Peace With God
My faith in Jesus work on the cross gives me undeserved privileges.  

Used By God
It is a privilege to serve God. 

The Commands Of Jesus
Jesus only had three years to teach us, what he said must have been important. 

We Are God's Temple
The temples of the world will fade away but God's temple will last forever. 

God Doesn't Have Favorites
God chose to use Israel as a tool to reveal himself. 

The Work Of The Master
The masterpiece doesn't get to take any credit for what it is. 

This Dead Man Is Now Alive
Jesus gives life to those that were doomed to die. 

God's Incredible Power
God's power should not be scary to his friends. 

Delight In God's Word
Does "digging the word" make you really happy? 

Trusting God When Life Is Hard
Sometimes we feel like God is late, uncooperative or inattentive. 

Serving God Is Serious Business
Who will you serve? It's time to choose. 

Pray For Missions
Missions without prayer at best is miserable at worst it is impossible. 

Serving? Don't Be Shy!
God's people are encouraged to serve boldly. 

Praying For Improvement
Praying for spiritual growth is a great way to bless your friends and neighbors. 
Salvation: Guaranteed By The Holy Spirit
God's plan to save us comes with a guarantee.

Salvation: Made A Reality By Jesus
God's plan of salvation is fulfilled by Jesus sacrifice on the cross.

Salvation: Planned By God
God's plans started a long time ago and they have never changed.

Praying? Don't Be Shy!
God's people are encouraged to pray boldly.

The Hardest Prayer
Praying for the problem people can be frustrating.

Getting Enough Spiritual Oxygen
A healthy Christian needs prayer just as much as he needs air.

Bible Study Is Essential
Reading the owners manual will help you get the best results.

Living With Eternity In Sight
How to get through this world while you wait for Jesus return.

The Church Needs Good Shepherds
Shepherds have a difficult task but the rewards are awesome.

The Believer's Survival Guide
How to live in this world while you are looking forward to eternity.

Living The Good Life
Loving what the world has to offer is contrary to being in love with God.

Playing Well With Others
Authority, everybody likes to have it and nobody likes to yield to it.

He's Alive! Now I'm Alive!
God's mercy brought new life that will last for eternity.

What Have You Decided About Jesus?
We all have a decision to make.

I Am Redeemed
I've got a new name, a new life and a hope that will carry me home!

How Much Is Jesus Worth To You?
I need to have an extravagant love for Jesus.

The Widow's Offering - A Picture Of Jesus Sacrifice
The widow gave her all, Jesus gave his all, how is your giving?

A Question You Need To Answer: Who Is Jesus?
It's Jesus turn to ask the Pharisees some questions.

Putting Out Some Traps
The man that couldn't be trapped came to help us because we were trapped.

Rejecting God's Son Has Severe Consequences
The wicked farmers rebel against God and try to steal his vineyard.

It's A Clean Sweep When Jesus Clears The Temple
The religious leaders don't get that Jesus has the right to set them straight.

Christ Passion For His Lost Sheep
Jesus wants to heal his lost sheep so much that it makes him cry.

The Triumphant Entry Changes Everything
Jesus enemies are put off by the crowds praise for him.

Jesus Will Reign As King
Will you accept Him as king before it's too late.

Slackers For Christ
You know Jesus left us some work to do.

The Healer
By His wounds you are healed.

Great Turn Arounds
These guys need to be saved from politics, philosophy and religion.

Jesus Changed My Destiny
I was on the road to ruin until Jesus paved a way to a new life.

Pleasing God Even In Suffering
How I behave when I suffer is a testimony.

Living With Honor
Honor and respect are not very popular in these days of entitlement and selfishness.

Excuse Me, Coming Through
Just passing through on my way to glory.

Privileges Of God's Children: Chosen
So unworthy yet God picked me.

Privileges Of God's Children: Security
God is my rock in this crazy world.

Privileges Of God's Children: Access - Part 2
It's your job to offer a sacrifice but it's not a dead animal God wants.

Privileges Of God's Children: Access- Part 1
Don't think that you are much as a child of God?

Privileges Of God's Children: Union With Christ
I am blessed to be a part of God's temple.

Time To Grow Up
God's blessings and benefits should motivate us to live for him.

Trusting God When Life Is Hard
Sometimes we feel like God is late, uncooperative or inattentive.

Peace On Earth
It is my job to bring peace to my piece of the world.

Peace With God
There is only one way to have a peaceful, friendly relationship with God.

When God Is Late
There isn't anything that God can't do, so why isn't he doing something?

When God Doesn't Cooperate
You may want that thorn to go away but it may be something that God wants to use.

When God Is Inattentive
Your difficulties are not proof that God doesn't like you.

Got A Light? Don't Hide It.
The children of light should never cover it up.

Resolution #4 - Resolve To Forgive
Forgive as much as you have been forgiven, now that's a lot of forgiveness.

Resolution #3 - Read My Bible Each Day
He'll keep the light on for you.

Resolution #2 - Say "I Love You" To Someone
Three simple words are so powerful.


Resolution #1 - Resolve To Pray
Start the day with God and keep him with you all day long.

Perfect Gifts: Heaven
I have a priceless inheritance because of Jesus.

Perfect Gifts: Salvation
The redeemed will sing forever "Jesus saves!"

Perfect Gifts: Mercy
Our mistakes don't have to haunt us.

Perfect Gifts: Hope
I can hope in the Lord no matter what is going on around me.

Perfect Gifts: Forgiveness
Christ came to forgive.

Perfect Gifts: Love
Love is the best gift of all!

Perfect Gifts: A Promise
The promise of Christmas is an example of God's faithfulness.

Peace On Earth, Good Will To Men
Is there really any peace?

Perfect Gifts: Wisdom
It's not about how much you have or what you know, it's about who you know.

Perfect Gifts: Peace
We can all use some more peace on earth.

God with us!

It's Christmas Time!
Can you say that with joy or with a groan?

Thank God For A New Life
My God is eternal and so am I.

God's Children Should Love
Who you please is proof of who you love.

Running On Empty
Are you attempting to fill your life with anything other than God?

Get Out Of The Milk
Selfish living dominates our life when God isn't allowed to be in control.

Prophecy Confirms Who Jesus Is
Look to the prophets for proof about Jesus.

Believing Without Seeing
Trusting in God even though you cannot see him.

Build Your Kingdom Here
Seek the Kingdom of God above all else.

There Is Wonderful Joy Ahead
Don't worry so much about the trials.

I Did So Little But I Gain So Much
I receive a lot of blessings because of my faith and obedience.

Our Commander In Chief
Do you know who is in control?

You Are More
I am not defined by my mistakes.

Celebrate The Lord's Day
The Sabbath reminds us of the first creation, the Lord's day reminds us of the new creation.

What Makes You Really Happy?
This is where your joy should come from.

I Have Been Adopted
Third Day - Children of God.

Our Loyalty To God Is So Weak
God's blessings are not enough to keep us from walking away from the fountain of living water.

You Can Make Things Better
Christians need to influence the world for good.

Delight In God's Word
Does "digging the word" make you really happy?

Seeking God Requires Humility
We need to come to God on his terms.

Thriving In God's Love
Are you able to bloom where you are planted?

Watch Out For The Imposters
A tree is a tree, right? Just checking.

You Are The Treasure That I Seek
The world has a lot of cool treasure to distract you from what is priceless.

Here's Something To Brag About
What makes you such a big deal?

God Is So Great
David Crowder - After All (Holy)

The War On Wisdom
Do we really want God's wisdom?

Going Through The Fire
God has a way of refining his people.

It's Not Over
Look to the sky, help is on the way!

America At The Cross Roads
This election will prove which path America wants to take, will we take the Godly path?

Looking For The Godly Way
It isn't too late to go back to the right path.

Crying For The Lost
Why doesn't it break our hearts?

Change My Heart Lord
Heart too hard? It is time to break out the plow.

Not Sure Where God Is?
Guess who moved away?

Can't Get Over You
Here in the arms of my Father only grace can be found.

Stirred But Not Changed
Lord, give me a burden that is so strong that it will last when my tears are gone.

Giving Your Future Over To God
Being so sure of God's will that nothing else matters.

Serving God Is Serious Business
Who will you serve? It's time to choose.

We Have Overcome
Overcome, overcome, mercy radiates beyond the pain. Hallelujah!

Can I Get A Witness
Something so good should not be kept a secret.

Jesus Teaches Us How To Love
It isn't easy to love the way that Jesus taught us to do.

Big, Big Love
The love of Jesus is too great to fully understand.

Trusting God Beyond Reason
God doesn't need my help to figure how to take care of my needs.

Show The World
Remove the barriers that keep people from Jesus.

God's People Are Blessed
We should never take God's blessings in our life for granted.

Who Is Your Hero?
Here He stands with scars in His hands, the Savior of the world.

Be Careful Church, The World Is Watching You
How much do we really care about what the world see's in God's people?

Christ Gave Us A New Nature
Putting on your new nature is like putting on new clothes.

Second Chances
The cross changes everything for us.

Stop Playing With Sin
We need to kill off the lust of the flesh and the love of the world.

I Am Dying To Have A New Life
Death is a beautiful thing in God's eyes.

Christ + Nothing = Everything
God doesn't need me to do anything else to earn grace.

Grow In Christ
Putting your roots down deep in Jesus.

It Sure Helps To Read The Manual
Why don't we spend more time in God's word?

Everybody Is So Busy
Are we busy doing anything that matters?

Jesus Is First
I am second, hmm... no, actually maybe third.

Did You Hear The Good News?
This good news of God's grace is life changing. 

Praying Often And Praying Well
Praying in the Bible looks a lot different than how I pray.

God Has My Back
A mighty fortress is our God.

A Dangerous Silence
Four realities the Christ follower must accept.

The Hurt And The Healer
You know the hurt but have you met the healer?

Choose Love
Do you understand what you are choosing to do?

Go Against The Flow
Living the unpopular life in obedience to God.

Depend On God
Human strength won't always work for you.

I Am A New Creation
But there are changes that are still on the way.

My Best Friend
A series on Jesus final teachings before his betrayal.

I Am Redeemed
I've got a new name, a new life and a hope that will carry me home!

One With Christ
A series on Jesus final teachings before his betrayal.

God Plants A New Vine
A series on Jesus final teachings before his betrayal.

Jesus Is An Awesome Gift Giver
A series on Jesus final teachings before his betrayal.

So Help Me God
A series on Jesus final teachings before his betrayal.

Who Is Your Father, Do You Look Like Him?
A series on Jesus final teachings before his betrayal.

I'm Alive
I wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you!

Do You Know The Way?
A series on Jesus final teachings before his betrayal.

Trust Jesus For Your Eternal Destiny
A series on Jesus final teachings before his betrayal.

Learn How To Serve Like The Master
A series on Jesus final teachings before his betrayal.

Passion Fruit
Nail your old passions to the cross.

Easter Is Done, Now What?
How should you respond to the agony that Jesus went through?

Resurrection Sunday
If Jesus rose from the dead, then I will too.

My Reaction To The Crucifixion
Which person at the cross resembles you?

What's So Good About Good Friday?
A dramatic retelling of Jesus' last day on earth.

Who Is Jesus, Is He The King?
A question for us all to ponder.

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
Peter takes his eyes off of the Savior.

The Kingdom Of Darkness Takes Control
The battle is on, which kingdom do you belong too?

Where Do Your Blessing Come From
Difficult times can be the source of blessing.

Praying For Real
Jesus prays on the Mount of Olives

All Because Of The Cross
Nothing but the blood of Jesus can heal our disease.

The Beginning Of A New Covenant
Jesus shares the Lord's Supper with his disciples.

How Much Is Jesus Worth To You
Matthew chapter twenty-six gives us an enormous contrast in love for Jesus.

Be Ready For Christ Return
We don't know when so we need to be ready continuously for the return of our Savior.

Signs And Wonders Of Antichrist And The Great Tribulation
Jesus warned us that we better be ready for his return.

True Repentance Is A Matter Of The Heart
God tells us to stop playing around and get real.

Destruction Of The Temple - The End Of Judaism?
Our relationship with Jesus is totally changed by Jesus sacrifice.

 The Widow's Offering - A Picture Of Jesus Sacrifice
The widow gave her all, Jesus gave his all, how is your giving?

Was Jesus The Messiah
It's Jesus turn to ask the Pharisees some questions.

Putting Out Some Traps
The religious leaders try to trap Jesus with earthly issues.

Rejecting God's Son Has Severe Consequences
The wicked farmers rebel against God and try to steal his vineyard.

It's A Clean Sweep When Jesus Clears The Temple
The religious leaders don't get that Jesus has the right to set them straight.

Celebrate Crazy Love Day
Everyday should be crazy love day.

Christ Passion For His Lost Sheep
Jesus wants to heal his lost sheep so much that it makes him cry.

The Triumphant Entry Changes Everything
Jesus enemies are put off by the crowds praise for him.

Jesus Will Reign As King
Will you accept him as king before it's too late?

A Rich Man Made It Through The Needles Eye
Jesus met Zacchaeus and changed a rich man's life.

Don't Try To Put God In A Box
Jesus disciples turned into Pharisees

Looking For Justice In An Unfair World
A lesson about prayer teaches us about God's character.

God Says "Trust Me" And He Means It
If I could just be as faithful as God is to his promises.

Business As Usual
Are you ready to fly when Jesus returns?

God Blesses More Than We Thank
One out of ten lepers appreciate Jesus.

Loving Your Neighbor Isn't Optional
The rich man had no concern for people in need.

Can You See Me Now?
The Pharisees love for people to admire them.

Using Your Money Wisely
Don't try to hog it all for yourself.

Welcome Home
Have you ever had an idea that you needed to be rescued from?

You Can't Reach The Lost If You Hide From Them
Do you rejoice when the lost are found?

What's Important To You
Your actions should be matched up with the right attitude.

Humility Is More Important Than You Think
Jesus shares some tips on humility with us.

God Has A Bad  Reputation
The Pharisees are impossible with all of their rules.

Suffering Doesn't Always Come From Judgment
Nobody is immune from suffering here but will you suffer the ultimate tragedy?


The Promised Light Is Here
Jesus love and faithfulness brings light to everyone.

The Night That Changed Everything
Our relationship with God is totally different now.

The Not So "Silent Night"
Can you imagine walking into Bethlehem that night? I imagine that it wasn't a "silent night."

A Social Network Christmas
What if Mary and Joseph had Facebook?

O Little Town Of Bethlehem
Who would have imagined what was going on?

Joseph Made The Right Choice
Obedience may not be the easiest road to take.

Handel's Messiah - Hallelujah Chorus
And he shall reign forever and ever!

O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Emmanuel - God with us.

Going From How? To Wow!
The angel announces the birth of Jesus

The Forerunner Of Jesus Is Announced
The angel announces the birth of John the Baptist.

The King Is Coming
Are you excited about Christmas?

Peace On Earth, Really?
Where is the peace we were promised?

Let There Be Peace On Earth
Let it begin with me.

God's Adoption Program
Christmas means that we can all be a part of God's family.

Christmas Explained By Kids
Another explanation of what Christmas is all about.

Carol Of The Bells
Merry, merry, merry, merry Christmas!

A New Branch Is Promised
Chopping down the tree for a brand new start.

A Special Child Is On The Way
The Messiah will take care of our needs.

Do You Know What Christmas Is All About
Linus will help us out.

A Sign To Give Us Hope
Jesus birth is predicted, God will be with us in our world.

It's Christmas Time!
Thank God for the Savior!

I Am Thankful That I Am Free
Praise God for the greatest reason to be thankful.

First Thanksgiving Day
A look back at Thanksgiving day history.

I Am Thankful For The People In My Life
God has put people in your life that you need to appreciate.

So Much To Be Thankful For
Thankfulness is taught throughout the Bible.

I Am Thankful For Answered Prayer
The power of prayer gives us a lot to be thankful for.

I Am Thankful For God's Deliverance
The Lord helps his children to overcome.

I Am Thankful For God's Goodness
Everyday should be thanksgiving day.

God Provides For His Children
God has all of the details covered.

A Psalm Of Thanks
A thanksgiving video.

Obedience Brings Blessings
Doing what Jesus says has it's benefits.

Clean On The Outside, Just Don't Look In There
What condition is your heart in?

Where Was Jesus Power Coming From
There are only two sources for this kind of power.

The Lord's Prayer
An example for us to learn from.

It is a good choice but discipleship and worship trump serving.

The good Samaritan's charity presents the innkeeper with a choice.

When we see bad things happen it's an opportunity for generosity to shine through us.

God loves us and expects our response to be love for him and our neighbors. 

The Mindset Of A Christ Follower
There is a difference in the way a Christ follower lives.

Jesus Kingdom Isn't About Your Rank
Don't ask what Jesus can do for you, ask Jesus what you can do for him.

Pop Quiz
Was Jesus the Son of God? Was Jesus a big liar? Was Jesus just a good teacher?

What Are You Carrying
What we are toting around tells a lot about who we are.

Focus On Jesus
It's not about me, it's all about Jesus and his power.

Does Anybody Still Care WWJD?
Have we stopped caring about the answer anymore?

Puzzled About Jesus
Herod didn't know if Jesus was somebody coming back from the dead, not yet but soon he would be!

Jesus Power To Forgive
Your sins are forgiven because of Jesus love for his creation.

Jesus Power Over Sin
Sin doesn't stand a chance against our Redeemer.

Jesus Power Over Death
Don't be afraid, the end is not the end, death has been defeated.

Jesus Power Over Demons
Jesus came to reverse the curse.

Jesus Power Over Sickness
Jesus didn't heal everybody but he did touch as many lives as he could by healing the sick.

Jesus Power Over Nature
His control over nature proved he is God.

Let Your Light Shine
Why would you hide your light from the world's view?

Be Ready For The Sower
Let God's word take root in your life.

Love And The Lack Of It
The woman who anointed Jesus' feet proved how much she loved him.

God Cares About Our Sorrows
Jesus compassion moves him to action.

Faith That Is Amazing
Jesus wasn't impressed with the good works or status of the centurion, he was impressed with his faith.

Quietly Waiting
We don't like to wait and we usually aren't quiet about it.

Patience Until Christ Return
That's a long time to be patient, I can't wait!

Avoiding Disaster
How much of what you know about the Bible are you putting into practice?

Healthy Churches Focus On Needs
A church that is well balanced is what we need, meeting the needs of everybody.

God's Word Is The Best Heart Cleaner
The man that knew God's heart was into God's word.

What's In Your Heart?
The condition of your heart is serious business, better keep it clean.

Mercy In Action
Here are some practical ways to show mercy.

Mercy! Do I Have To Do That?
Jesus teaches us to defy human reason and take on a lifestyle of love.

Happy Anniversary Baby
11th anniversary! How can 11 years be gone already?

Jesus Believed In Prayer
If Jesus needed it then I definitely need it.

Make Disciples - Video
The world is waiting for us to share the love.

It's God's Decision To Heal
God knows more than I know, I will never understand everything he allows in my life.

Obedience Doesn't Always Seem Logical
It didn't make sense to try again but Peter obeyed Jesus.

Instructions For True Worshipers
God wants an intimate relationship with us.

The Smartest Guy In The Room
Jesus didn't look down on the people he met.

The Fruit Doesn't Lie
It is difficult to hide smelly fruit, it will tell on you every time.

God Is Able - Video
Whatever the need that you have, my God is able to come through for you.

Focus On God
Take a look at my awesome God!

The Prayer That God Listens To
If your relationship is a wreck then God won't listen.

It's Not Fair
We love it when unfair works for our good.

The Disciple Making Lifestyle
Jesus lived to make disciples.

Give God The Glory
Nature glorifies God, how about you?

I Am Loved Unconditionally - Video
Praise God that I am his child and I am not defined by my mistakes.

So You Want To Feel Significant?
This isn't all there is, God has eternity in mind for you.

Are You Looking Good
God wants me to be beautiful.